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College Baseball is Rad- Smiley

College Baseball is Rad- Smiley

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The original "College Baseball is Rad" hat served one purpose, to turn your forehead into a billboard for the greatest game in the world. Does it have side effects such as extreme comfort, and good looks? Sure, but the main goal was the billboard piece. I thought how can this get better? I figured what if it even more potently conveyed the emotions wearers are having toward college baseball as well. You know, for the visual learners out there, who want to skip the reading and go to the pictures on the menu. 

So I present to you the "College Baseball is Rad- Smiley" hat! A hat that shares the good word of the best game there is, along with our emotional connection to said game. 

If you're thinking to yourself Steve its not that deep, it is just a cool design with your favorite saying on it, then you are also right, but I don't want people thinking I am lazy using Chat AI to write these descriptions so I decided to make sure to add my personal flare to the description. 

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