About Us

My name is Stephen Schoch and I really love college baseball. From the sick homers to the stories of hellish bus rides, I love it all. So in that spirit I decided to start and launch a brand all about bringing awareness to college baseball, and spreading the good word of the game. When you buy a hat from the Big Donkey Brand, you are not only getting a sick hat, but you are also helping me in my pursuit of making college baseball a daily piece of conversation in households nationwide. All hats and designs are created directly by Bigdonkey47 himself (feels weird talking about myself like this). These hats are Steve's hands to your head, the farm to table of the hat world. If you choose to buy a hat, just know that I greatly appreciate you, and if you're just stoping by to look, I appreciate you too! College Baseball is the best sport in the world so lets get to it and start spreading it far and wide!