College Baseball is Rad 2.0 Hat

Limited inventory available of the College Baseball is Rad 2.0 hat now! This hat is incredibly well made, and features a thick double layer sweat wicking crown making it the perfect hat to enjoy the summer heat!

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Free Chinook Sunflower Seeds With Every Hat Order!

All hat orders will now come with two 1.5oz bags of Chinook Sunflower Seeds completely free! The ultimate ballgame enjoying hat, meets the ultimate game enjoying snack!

Rad For Life Guarantee

If for any reason your hat is not performing to your standards, DM the Donkey with a picture of the problem and the issue will be resolved. At the end of the day if anyone is supporting me and supporting this business, I want to make sure they have as great an experience as possible. Also, these hats exist so we can market and promote college baseball so long story short, we want these hats out there on your head, being billboards for the best game on earth, and we will do our best to make that possible for you, our customers!

College Baseball is Rad

Nothing says, " I am a college baseball fan", quite like a College Baseball is Rad Trucker hat. From shaking your boots in early February to enduring the 100 degree heat in Omaha you will always look cool cheering on your favorite team in this hat!

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