Why are you making hats?

Because it is a lot of fun to do and I really like being able to promote college baseball. And to be fully transparent I would love to be able to commit to college baseball full time and people buying hats will help me to cover the game the way it deserves to be covered.

Who designs the hats?

All designs are done by Stephen Schoch and his wife Francesca. Honestly Stephen isn't always super smart and creative, so most of the designs he makes, are after Francesca told him what to make about 50 times.

What is the end goal here, why are you doing this?

I thought of some cool designs one summer and thought, "Wow that would make a cool hat" and that's when I got the idea to start on this. Moving along I realized that other people may have similar tastes in hats as I do, so why not share them with the world. The end goal is to make enough money that I can hire some people to help me produce a show about college baseball. I could do it myself, but if I want to optimize my coverage of the game I will definitely need help to do it. 

What happens if my pet chews up my new favorite hat? 

Well this one is simple, all the customer will be required to do is tweet a picture of their chewed up hat and the pet that did it and I’ll send you a replacement one! Then give them a treat for allowing you to take a picture of them of course.*

*not required just strongly encouraged

Does Big Donkey actually make the hats himself?

No, he does not have the sewing skills to assemble the hats, but he does handle all the image transfers and all of the quality checks. He even puts each hat on his head briefly to make sure he didn't mess it up after printing them (you can request this not happens as well, totally an option). But, in short, all designing and printing is done by the big doofus himself. 

What's next for the Big Donkey Brand?

If all goes according to plan I am going to be releasing new designs for hats for college baseball fans, and hopefully with the right equipment will be making some shirts and sweatshirts for everyone to wear to college baseball games as well. Then if that goes well its time to release our college baseball shoe laces and insoles (kidding, but who knows maybe.) So stay tuned if you are interested those kinds of things!