Which Fanbase is Rocking the Most Big Donkey Brand Hats?

I’m going to be honest Tennessee really snuck up on me here but I’m happy to welcome them to the hat tracker. It was a real fun week we made lots of fun hats and i hope everyone enjoys their koozie! This is just a fun little graphic I have made to keep track of which teams I should like the most based on who has purchased the most hats. Plain and simple, I am cheap, and I can be bought, this is a chart I want to publicize so you all can keep me honest. If you see a team rising in numbers on this chart, and you notice me tweeting about them more, please call me out. Hold me accountable. Some people see it as being mean, but if I want to be the best version of myself I need someone to keep me honest. Also my favorite teams are Virginia and Wake Forest, for no particular reasons. And thank you once again to everyone who has supported our brand!