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Club Baseball is Rad Hat

Club Baseball is Rad Hat

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All hat purchases will now come with 2 free 1.5oz bags of Chinook Sunflower Seeds. Chinook seeds are some of the best in the game and make for the ultimate ball game snack!

If you purchase a colorway without a photo that means you will be the owner of the first version of that hat, meaning you will receive a special gift inside your order to show my appreciation for giving me a hat to take a product photo of. 

I recently attended a college baseball game at ECU, but on the way I stopped by to check out their club baseball team. ECU's club team is currently ranked number 1 in the nation and they were taking on the 3rd ranked NC State club team. I was there for no longer than 40 minutes as I was just passing through, however, in those 40 minutes I witnessed a bit of everything. There were bunts, there were home runs, but most importantly there were pimp jobs and long home runs. This is like the wild west of college baseball. Teams are coached and managed by fellow students and players, and they're just playing for the simple love of the game. In light of this experience I left feeling inspired for hope for a better future, and thus the "Club Baseball is Rad" hat was born. 

In a world of club baseball where gear is hard to come by look no further for the ultimate piece of apparel to wear around campus that says, "yea I am here to play school, but I also can smack the hell out of baseballs if the need presents itself". 

The Club Baseball is Rad hat, get yours today! 

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