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College Baseball is Rad 2.0

College Baseball is Rad 2.0

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The College Baseball is Rad 2.0 hat is the future of Big Donkey Brand. In collaboration with Official League we have created the brand new College Baseball is Rad Hat 2.0. This hat is embroidered with the slogan that this whole brand is based on, the fact that college baseball is indeed rad. This hat is built with some of the highest quality materials and from personal experience I can say it’s a rad hat. It’ll get you compliments and not just from people who are trying to get you to sign up for their MLM. But those people will compliment that hat as well so just beware that people will be using this ultra rad lid as a conversation starter. 

To further exemplify the quality I have actually used one of the earliest prototypes of this hat as a workout hat since it’s incredibly comfortable and it has multiple layers on the crown that make it perfect for sweat wicking. Even when the hat has been completely sweat through, it maintains it colors. Also side note I’m just fat, I’m not working super hard to sweat through it, just big boy + 80°= sweaty Steve that’s just math. 

Designedy by @bigdonkey47 Stephen Schoch himself these hats are the perfect way to represent your overall fandom for college baseball. Just in time for the College World Series make sure to order your College Baseball is Rad 2.0 hat today! 

These hats absolutely rule and truth be told I think you would look even better while wearing one! 

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